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Ferrer Arquitectos is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to construction: Architects, technical architects, engineers and administration personnel specialized in project management. Our extensive experience and groundbreaking vision make us approach each job from an innovative perspective, but always adapted to the needs of each client.



Audingintraesa · Arup · Espacios y Paisajes, SL · Equitecsa · Eycom · Habitat · HL Consultores JG 

Ingenieros · Laboratorio ICC · More&co · Secoal Ingenieros · Sondeal · Vorsevi

Other partners since 1993

Alberto Teva

Amanda Cirera

Ana Terrés

Andrés Deleyto

Antonio G. Glez

Antonio G. Orozco

Antonio González

Antonio Matarín

Antonio Nieves

Antonio Puertas

Cristina Fernández

F. Javier Valle

Fernando Mateos

Francisco Moreno

Javier de Simón

Javier Puertas

Jesús Granada

Jorge Díaz

Jorge N. de Jorge

José Antonio Bautista

José Antonio Bernal

José Antonio Cuerva

José Antonio Garcia

José Manuel González

José Román Aranguren

Manuel Sáez

María Dolores Oliver

Mari Paz Chocano

Mariano Fernández

Martín Tonello

Miguel Ángel Muñoz

Miguel García Haro

Miguel Gil

Oscar Ortega

Paula Rosales

Pedro Seguí

Rafael Caro

Raquel Tortosa

Salvador Hernández

Sebastián Artés



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