Sustainability Conference at PITA

The last 26 of November was celebrated a conference about sustainable architecture in PITA Headquarters (Science and Technology Park of Almería) with the collaboration from the Architects School and the assistance as a speakers: Oscar Martínez (Director of BREEAM Spain), José Ángel Ferrer (Architect y Principal Partner of Ferrer Arquitectos) and Pedro Seguí (Architects y Responsible for Sustainability of Ferrer Arquitectos).

The conference dealt with the different organizations that certify the sustainability in buildings, like BREEAM, where Ferrer Arquitectos is part of its Advisory Council in Spain and LEED.

Oscar Martínez, talked about the characteristics of BREEAM, the building sustainability certification organization, which have the largest number of certified buildings in the world.

José Ángel Ferrer talked about the importance of incorporate sustainability criteria in the projects for getting more effective buildings with more comfort for his users, taking as an example PITA and TECNOVA Headquarters. He remarked that sustainability is something inherent to good architecture since its origins and that the novelty actually is that the sustainability can be certifyed with organizations as BREEAM or LEED.

Pedro Seguí, talked about the importance that Ferrer Arquitectos give to the sustainability with the creation of an specify area, of which he is responsible, inside the business and about some details of the process for obtain the sustainable certification of BREEAM or LEED in the buildings.