The book “Rafael Moneo, art and arquitecture in museums” was presented yesterday in the Madrid’s Chamber of Arquitects. José Ángel Ferrer, the author, told us about some anecdotes related with his interest in Moneo’s work, in front of an almost full auditorium. He highlighted the relevance that the artworks had for the design of all the Moneo’s museums; and especially for the specific examples of Mérida and Fundación Miró. He also paid attention to the most important values and characteristics of the six museums that are analyzed in the book: Roman Museum of Mérida, Thyssen in Madrid, Fundación Miró in Palma de Mallorca, Davis Museum in Boston, Moderna Museet in Estocolmo and Fine Arts Museum in Houston. Next to Ferrer we could find Rafael Moneo, who commended the presented work, José Manuel López-Peláez and Marcelo Carmelo. Moreover, we could find among the audience Mr. Manuel Villa-Celino (Nebrija University President), Mr. Diego Martínez Cano (Almería Chamber of Commerce President) and other individuals from the culture and business environment, as well as numerous arquitects and people interested in culture and museums.