The president of the Board of Andalucía José Antonio Griñán, inaugurates the school of San Isidro that has designed and directed FERRER ARQUITECTOS. Some of the attendees were, from left to right in the photograph: Provincial Delegate of Education, Francisco Maldonado; Delegate of the Andalusian Government, Maribel Requena; Director of Contstructor Territorial Production San José, SA, Jesús Ballesteros; Technical Architect of the Project, Manuel Alonso; Counselor of Education of the Board of Andalucía, Francisco Álvarez; President of the Board of Andalucía, José Antonio Griñán; Director of Constructor Territorial Production San José, SA, Carlos Angulo; Architect of the Project, José Ángel Ferrer; Vice Principal Constructor Production San José, SA, Gaspar Duro; Mayor of Níjar Town hall, Antonio Jesús Rodríguez and the President of the Provincial Delegation of Almería, Juan Carlos Usero, as well as other political representatives, of the school and local groups.

Project Primary School