The past May 27, 2016, inside of the journeys about Sports Architecture that “Vía Arquitectura” organized in Madrid, José Ángel Ferrer did a conference about some sport projects of Ferrer Arquitectos: Moisés Ruiz Sports hall, “Ego Sport Center” and the Golf School of El Toyo. After the conference, a discussion between the public and the speakers of the journey occurred, where José Ángel Ferrer made a hard critique to the actual procedures of projects adjudication by competitions, both public and private, where the economic offer have an excessive weight and where the architectual criteria, the operation of the building or the solvency of the team, have every time less importance. José Ángel Ferrer opine that besides of giving to the proposals, the costs of that proposals have to be cobered by who convoke the competitions, with the objective that serious proposals can be realized and solvents with the minimum quality required.